Monday, May 23, 2011


First things first.  I saw the cast of "The Jersey Shore" TWICE today.  Snooki is a tiny, tiny, baby creature.  I was standing right next to her and almost reached out and touched her because I couldn't believe she was human and not a mythical tan fairy.  Pauly D looked a little sad to be in Italy.  Hopefully I'll befriend him and teach him the ways of Italy (Eat gelato all the time).  He can even come hang out in the villa.  Oh yeah, I'm living in a villa for the next 5 weeks.  Thanks, NYU.  You are actually doing something right.

Villa Natalia, itself

The View from My Window

Keepin it classy up in Florence! Also, I ate blue cheese pizza for dinner today.  I think I've finally found a country that understands me.

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