Sunday, May 29, 2011


This weekend in Verona I learned that Italians are super into: 

1) The Simpsons (all boys seem to be required to wear "Duff Beer" shirts by some sort of law) 

2) Gary Coleman (many weird shirts with his baby face on them) 

and 3) HARD ROCK CAFE (I think everyone in Europe owns a HRC t-shirt and is VERY proud to wear it out on the street) 

Also, on the shirt front, Italians have the weirdest phrase t-shirts.  Examples include: "Don't worry be zappy," "If music is too loud, your too old," and "glamour victim."  


  1. favorite shirt i've seen here: "take off your shiny pants." have not yet been able to locate it in stores to buy it.

  2. The best bizarre tshirt slogan I have ever heard of was one Phil saw in Hungary that said "Midnight Lover Against Your Will". Yep. I know you wrote this post forever ago. I've been reading all of your blog over again because work is boring and I miss you.